What we believe

We believe

There is One God

  • God is a spirit being.
  • He made us and loves us.
  • He has a plan for all of humankind.

Jesus is God’s Son

  • He is a separate being from God.
  • He came to earth as a human being, was put to death by humans and was raised to life again by God.
  • He brought the good news of forgiveness of sins by his death on the cross; this is available to ALL people.

The Bible is God’s Word

  • It explains His purposes.
  • It explains why we die and that we will all be resurrected.
  • It explains that Satan is causing evil and suffering in the world but that God will not allow that to continue forever.

Death, Resurrection and Eternal Life

  • When a person dies, he or she ceases to exist.
  • A resurrection is promised to ALL people when Jesus returns and establishes God’s kingdom on the restored perfect earth.
  • Those who are faithful to God will be granted eternal life in the kingdom.

The Christian Church

  • Anyone who accepts Jesus as his or her saviour can be baptised and accepted into his church.
  • Baptism is usually by immersion in water, which demonstrates through an outward ceremony the inner conviction of the committed believer to do his or her best to serve God and follow Jesus.
  • Members of the church are encouraged to develop their characters and to share the gospel (good news) with the rest of the world.
  • Members of the church will have a special role in God’s kingdom.

You are very welcome to come and learn with us. We would love to share fellowship with you, if you are interested in learning more about God and His purposes.

If you have any questions about any of these points please contact us.