Children’s and Youth Ministry

On Sundays, the Christian Youth Class (CYC) gathers in the modern, comfortable facilities of Bayswater South Primary School, to talk about faith, life, God and Jesus, and other everyday and relevant topics.

There are two groups: Junior CYC (for primary school-aged children) and Senior CYC (for secondary school-aged youth).

The classes are held on most Sundays during the school term between 10:30 am and 12.00 pm and are free, so come and enjoy learning about God in a fun and relaxed environment!

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Term 3, 2017 Program

Junior CYC Topic
Senior CYC Topic
Sunday 15th Octoer
The Teachings of Christ

Good and Evil Part 2

Why do “good” things happen to “bad” people?

Why is there suffering in the world if God is loving?

Sunday 22nd October
Love God Q&A3 – Can we trust the Bible?

How do we know it is true?

Why didn’t Jesus write the Bible?

Sunday 29th October
Love your neighbour Q&A4 – Life after Death

What happens after we die?

What happens to non-Christians? 

Sunday 5th November
Melbourne Cup Day Weekend


Melbourne Cup Day Weekend


Sunday 12th November
Love your enemies (and how Christ exemplified each) Q&A5 – Depression

What does the Bible say about self-harm, suicide, depression, mental illness and how do deal with these issues?

Sunday 19th November
CYC Outing? CYC Outing?
Sunday 26th November
Sunday 3rd December
 Preparation for the End of Year PresentationWhat have we covered this year?  Preparation for the End of Year PresentationWhat have we covered this year? 
Sunday 10th December
 End of Year Presentation? End of Year Presentation?
Sunday 17th December

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