We believe that the Bible teaches the following:

God is a God of order, and is dealing with the human race according to His timetable and eternal purpose. 1 Corinthians 14:33; Ephesians 3:11.

Everyone who comes to God “must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him”. The only acceptable approach to God is through Jesus Christ, “the way, the truth and the life”. Hebrews 11:6; John 14:16.

The basis of hope for believers being called and chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ, and for the whole world of people, living and dead, lies in the fact that Jesus Christ by the grace of God tasted “death for every man”, gave Himself “a ransom for all”, and is “the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world”. Hebrews 2:9; 1 Timothy 2:5,6; John 1:9.

The hope of believers who are called and chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ, and by God through Him, is that they may be changed to be like their Lord; “see Him as He is”, “be partakers of the divine nature” and share His glory as joint-heirs with Him. 1 John 3:2; John 17:24; 2 Peter 1:4; Romans 8:17.

The present work of Christian believers lies in their preparation in this life for the future work of service in the age to come in helping to fulfil the Lord God’s promise to bless “all nations”. This present work involves the development in each believer of the Christian virtues, the giving of witness to the world, and growth in grace to obtain the promise of being made priests in the coming Kingdom of God. Ephesians 4:12; Matthew 24:14; Galatians 3:8; 2 Peter 3:18; Revelation 1:6; 20:6.

The hope for the world lies in the blessings of knowledge and opportunity for salvation to be made available to all in Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, when all that was lost in Eden will be restored, when all the blessings promised in God’s Holy Word will be accomplished by the Lord Jesus and His chosen believers and when Satan and all the wicked will be destroyed. Acts 3:19-23; Isaiah 35:1-10; 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 20:7-9; 21:1-4.